Shaykhat Routh

Former Branch Manager

As the former branch manager of R&C Global Ltd., I, Shaykhat Routh, am happy to provide my sincere recommendation for this eminent consulting organization. R&C Global Ltd. excelled in work permits, student visas, and visit visas, demonstrating expertise, professionalism, and ethical practices, fostering trust and a positive environment for clients. I wholeheartedly recommend R&C Global Ltd. for reliable and professional consultancy services.

Mukti Saha

Former Consultant

As I used to be a consultant at R&C Global Ltd., I can unequivocally attest to the exceptional quality of services and outstanding work environment that define this esteemed consultancy. Being associated with R&C Global Ltd., a premier visa and permit consultant renowned for its expertise, commitment to client satisfaction, and favorable working conditions, is an honor for me.

Titul Kanti Sarker

Successful Client

I am Titul Kanti Sarker, and I am thrilled to share my success story with R&C Global Ltd. Their unparalleled service played a pivotal role in making my dream of relocating to Romania a reality. From seamless processing to unwavering support, they exceeded my expectations at every step. R&C Global Ltd. is not just a service provider; they are dream-weavers, turning aspirations into achievements. Thank you for making my journey to Romania not just possible, but truly exceptional!

Dipon Talukder

Fulfilled Client

I, Dipon Talukder, am deeply appreciative to R&C Global Ltd. for their wonderful service. I'm currently in Romania, enjoying the life of my dreams thanks to their professional counsel and easy processing! What should have been a difficult voyage was made easy and unforgettable by R&C Global Ltd., who not only met but above my expectations. They really stand out for their commitment and professionalism. I'm grateful that you made my dream of living in Romania come true!

Joyonto Roy

Successful Client

I had a dream of traveling to Romania, and R&C Global Ltd. made it a smooth reality. Every stage of the process, from the first consultation to the last passport stamp, was managed with accuracy and knowledge. R&C Global Ltd. arranged a symphony of efficiency and assistance, not just a service. Now that I'm enjoying Romania's charms, I can state with confidence that picking R&C Global Ltd. was the right choice for my international business endeavor. I'm grateful that you turned my dream into a real, exciting journey!

Dhruba Kanti Nag

Fulfilled Client

I'm Dhruba Kanti Nag, and thanks to R&C Global Ltd.'s wonderful services, my trip to Romania was smooth and seamless. My idea became a reality thanks to their accurate processing and hardworking crew. They showed remarkable expertise and attention to detail from the first consultation to the very end. I am content in Romania now that I have worked with R&C Global Ltd., and I heartily endorse their services to anyone looking for a dependable and easy way to pursue chances abroad.



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