In 2012, a visionary consultancy named R&C Global Ltd. was established in the picturesque city of Sylhet. Specializing in work permit visa processing, student visas, and visit visa processes, R&C Global Ltd. quickly earned a reputation for its expertise and dedication to providing seamless immigration solutions. Fast forward to 2022, the consultancy marked a significant milestone – a decade of success. The grand celebration took place at the prestigious Hotel Nirvana Inn, where esteemed guests gathered to commemorate this remarkable achievement.

The Venue:

Hotel Nirvana Inn set the perfect backdrop for R&C Global Ltd.'s 10-year anniversary celebration. The elegant surroundings and luxurious amenities created an atmosphere of sophistication and festivity. The event was attended by a diverse array of guests, adding to the vibrancy of the evening.

Virtual Presence of Leadership:

Despite physical distances, the celebration was graced by the virtual presence of the CEO of R&C Global Ltd. and his wife, who holds the position of Chairperson in the organization. The use of online platforms allowed them to join in the festivities, symbolizing the interconnectedness of the R&C Global Ltd. family.

Recognition and Appreciation:

The highlight of the celebration was the recognition and appreciation extended to the dedicated office staff. Their hard work and commitment were acknowledged as they stood together to celebrate the consultancy's remarkable journey. The presence of the CEO and Chairperson, even in a virtual capacity, emphasized the importance of teamwork and collective success.

Visa Handover Ceremony:

As a testament to their commitment to clients, R&C Global Ltd. took the opportunity to hand over 6 Romanian visas to deserving clients. The event included the ceremonial presentation of these visas along with other necessary documents, reflecting the consultancy's ongoing dedication to facilitating smooth immigration processes.

Culmination with a Grand Dinner Party:

The evening reached its zenith with a lavish dinner party, where guests indulged in a sumptuous feast. The celebration was not just about business achievements; it was about the bonds forged, the challenges overcome, and the successes shared. The joyous atmosphere resonated with laughter, toasts, and reflections on a decade of resilience and growth.


R&C Global Ltd.'s 10-year anniversary celebration at Hotel Nirvana Inn was not just a milestone; it was a testament to a decade of dedication, expertise, and client-focused service. As they handed over visas and shared the evening with colleagues and clients alike, it was clear that the consultancy's journey was marked not only by professional accomplishments but also by the relationships built along the way. Cheers to a decade of excellence and the promise of even greater achievements in the future!



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